Fisheries Advocacy and Career Guidance Session Held at Hithadhoo School, Addu City

Published on 11 Aug, 2015
Hithadhoo School

Hithadhoo School students participating in the Fisheries Career Guidance Session (6 August 2015)

MFA has conducted a fisheries advocacy and Career guidance program for the grade 10 students of Hithadhoo School. The Session was held on the 6th August 2015 at Hithadhoo School. A total of 45 students participated in this session which provided the students with an overview of the developments of the fisheries Industry. The session also introduced the students to various career opportunities available in the Fisheries industry and provided information and guidance on how to chose the right career.

The students participated in this program showed high interest on the opportunities available in the fisheries sector and was satisfied with the information provided on this session.

The session was conducted by Mr. Abdulla Shakir Mohamed, Secretary General of MFA.