Fisherman’s Association of Maldives will provide technical and vocational training for fisher folks in the community through Fisherman’s Community Center. Training will be conducted by local and foreign technical experts. The main objective of launching the training component – the Fishermen Community Training Centre – was to provide training on responsible fishing practices and to promote the sustainable fishing in the Country. One of the major component of our training programs will be developing of a core-curriculum document for a Master Fishermen Training Course, which will be accredited by the Maldives Qualification Authority (MQA). Apart from the formal curriculum we approach the local fishing communities and conduct awareness sessions on different areas of fishing and it’s support areas such as, Marine Electrician, Engineering, Refrigeration Mechanics, Coastal Navigation, Safety at Sea, Marine Biology, Fresh Fish Handling, Bait management,Statistics and Data Collection, Fishery business start up and management, etc.